BS English

Join the 4 year BS English Program in the College of Langauges, Literature and Culture at Ziauddin University to enjoy reading the greatest literary texts and immerse yourself in the intricacies of language and its use in different spheres, while at the same time gaining 21st century employability skills.

Program overview

The 4 year BS Program allows students the freedom to choose and study a wide range of subjects, both within their Major and Minor as well as General Education courses to follow their diverse interests. While selecting a major provides them with a strong foundation in one concentrated area of study, the option to choose a minor from related disciplines can help them widen both their knowledge base and skill sets to follow a range of career options in their desired field.

The BS program aims to develop graduates with critical thinking and other 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication as well as problem-solving skills rated highly by employers. This will provide them with the cutting edge skill set required to fulfil the changing requirements of the workforce in this fast-changing technological world.

Targeted Competencies / Learning Outcomes

The BS English program focuses on developing several general, literary as well as linguistic skills. Apart from being able to read, understand and criticize literature of various eras, our students are expected to gain several profitable competencies such as self-learning, communication, collaboration, research and leadership skills.

With a blend of modern and classic texts, this undergraduate program enables you to gain and consequently, integrate the knowledge of your respective field i.e. literature or linguistics, with everyday life issues and apply it to various practical settings.

Career Opportunities

The exit-level competencies of our BS English program qualify our students to enter various domains in their professional lives. While knowledge, research and linguistic skills make academia, writing and journalism a few of the most lucrative areas, their leadership skills along with interdisciplinary expertise and in-depth historical and social awareness make them perfect candidates for achieving success in the CSS exams, in addition to careers in academia, and research and development work with NGOs and government institutions.

Moreover, having the opportunity to choose from a variety of minor subjects allows the students to expand their intellectual horizon in different dimensions of the contemporary globalized digital world, opening pathways to various industries like banking, and customer service.

Eligibility Criteria: Intermediate/A Levels (or equivalent) with a minimum of 50% marks in the last exam.

Nature/Duration: A full-time morning program spanning over 4 years.

Curriculum Details

BS English program follows the HEC approved curriculum guidelines with Major, Minor and General Education Courses as per the approval of the Ziauddin University Academic Council.


Course Details

Sr. Categories No. of Courses Credit Hours
1. General and Foundational Courses 13 39
2. Major Courses including Research Project 18 54
3. Minor Courses 04 12
4. Allied Disciplines Courses 06 18
TOTAL 41 123
Total numbers of Credit Hours: 123
Duration: 4 Years
Semester Duration: 16-18 weeks
Course Load per Semester: 15-18 Cr Hrs.
Number of Courses Per Semester 5-6

Please note: 

  • The Foundation courses are mandatory for all students.
  • Depending upon the results of the entrance test, the students might need to study up to two paid non-creditcourses in years 1 and 2 to improve their English language skills. Passing these courses is mandatory.


Assessments are divided into two sections: Continuous assessment based on classroom-based tasks and assignments (40%) and mid-term and final exams (60%).


Minimum 80% attendance in each course is mandatory in order to appear in the final exam.

Fee Structure

 Tuition (By Course)  15,000
 Admission Fee (One Time)  5,000
 Application Fee (One Time)  5,000
 Examination Fee (By Course)  2,000
 Security  Deposit (One Time)  5,000
Student Fund (Yearly)  10,000

Please note:

  1. Rs. 5,000 application fee will be charged only once before the entrance test.
  2. Any additional taxes imposed by the government will be the liability of the students/parents/guardians.
  3. Ziauddin University reserves the right to increase the fees if required according to the recommendation of the Governing Body.
  4. The fee must be paid in advance before the commencement of each semester. All dues need to be cleared within two weeks of commencement of the academic year. A 2% surcharge per month will be levied on outstanding fees after the due date.

Financial Assistance

  • A limited number of merit scholarships are available for the BS program.

BS English Scheme of Studies

Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Functional English Academic Reading & Writing
Islamic Studies / Pakistan Studies
Moral Ethics
ICT in digital Literacy Introduction to Literature II
Introduction to Literature I Language, Culture and Society
Introduction to Linguistics World History
Gender in everyday life Perspective of identity in contemporary world
Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
History of English Literature I History of English Literature II
Learning and the Learner Phonetics & Phonology
Technical & Business Writing Content Development
Introduction to Development & Social Change Concepts and contemporary debates in Humanities and Social Sciences
Human Rights and citizenship Introduction to Psychology
Quantitative Reasoning I Quantitative Reasoning II
Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
 World Literature in Translation  Poetry II
 Poetry I  Fiction II
 Fiction I  Critical Approaches to Literature
 17th and 18th Century Prose  Literary Movements
 16th-20th Century Drama  Pakistani Anglophone Literature
 Literature and Society  Dystopian Literature
Year 4
Semester 7 Semester 8
 Literary Theory and Criticism I  20th Century American Literature
 Introduction to 19th and 20th Century  Poetry  Literary Theory and Criticism II
 19th Century American Literature  Postcolonial Literary Studies
 Research Methodology for Literature  Feminist Literature
 Shakespeare- The Play’s the Thing  Dissertation
 Literary Pedagogy & Practicum
 Modern and Contemporary Fiction