BS English

Entry requirements: Intermediate/A Levels (12 years of study) with a minimum of 50% marks in the last exam

Nature/Duration: Morning Program (full-time)

Course Details

Sr. Categories No. of Courses Credit Hours
1. Compulsory Requirement (No Choice) 09 25
2. General Courses 08 24
3. Foundation Courses 10 30
4. Major Courses including Research Project 13 39
5. Electives within the Major 04 12
TOTAL 44 130
Total numbers of Credit Hours: 130
Duration: 4 Years
Semester Duration: 16-18 weeks
Course Load per Semester: 15-18 Cr Hrs.
Number of Courses Per Semester 5-6

Course requirements and structure

The HEC approved curriculum will be used for the BS in English Program with relevant changes and additional General and Elective Courses as approved by the Ziauddin University Academic Council.

Please note: 

  • The Foundation courses are mandatory for all Literature and Applied Linguistics students.
  • Depending upon the results of the entrance test, the students will need to study up to two paid non-credit courses in years 1 and 2 to improve their English language skills. It will be mandatory for students to pass these courses.


Assessment will be done through classroom-based tasks (40%) and mid-term/final exam (60%).


Attendance in classes is mandatory. You will need a minimum of 80 % attendance in a course to sit for the final exam.


Our graduates will be life-long learners and able to join the work force in diverse professions and enterprises such as business, government, and academia.  Generally preferred fields are journalism, film and social media, banking industry, customer care services, and teaching and research.

Fee Structure

Application Fee 2,000
Admission Fee 5,000
Security Deposit 5,000
Student Fund 5,000
Per Annum 180,000

Please note:

  1. Rs 2,000 will be charged for registration and entrance test.
  2. Any additional taxes imposed by the government will be the liability of the students/parents/guardian.
  3. The University reserves the right to increase the fees if required according to the recommendation of the Governing Body.
  4. Advance fees to be paid semester-wise. All dues need to be cleared within two weeks of commencement of the academic year. 2% surcharge per month will be levied on outstanding fees after the due date.

Financial Assistance

  • Payment in monthly installments for Diploma/Masters program is allowed on case-to-case basis.
  • Limited number of merit scholarships available for BS program.