Diploma of Arts in TESOL (Dip TESOL)


To enable English language teachers to improve their knowledge and skills for teaching English to speakers of other languages

Target population:

In-service teachers

Entry requirements:
  1. BA/BSc/B.Com (a minimum of 14 years of study)
  2. One-year full-time experience of teaching English (preferable)
  3. Should be serving teachers of English to fulfill the classroom-based practicum and teacher-research requirements



Evening Program: 2 semesters for full course load (course work including practicum and research project); 4 semesters for part-time students (course work including practicum and research project)

Days/Timings: Full-time: (5 modules per semester) 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), Saturdays, 9.00-4.00); Part-time: (2-3 modules per semester)


Course requirements and structure

Credits required:  30

Dip TESOL has three main components:

  1. Course work: 7 modules- 3 credit hours each. Total 21 credits
  2. Action research project (including background reading, data collection and analysis and writing up), 3 credits.
  3. Developing Professional Practice (DPP): 2 modules, DPP I (Micro-teaching, classroom observation skills etc.).; DPP II 2: (Supervised practicum including maintaining a teaching portfolio with a record of 10 teaching lessons out of which 3 lessons per participant will be observed), 3+3=6 credits.
Course Code Semester 1 Course Code Semester 2
DAT 101  Learning and the Learner


DAT 106 Curriculum, materials and teaching-learning resources
DAT 102 Methodology: Teaching the four language skills, grammar, and vocabulary DAT 107


Planning and managing language learning and teaching in under resourced, large and multilevel classes
DAT 103 The study of language systems(grammar and structure, phonology, discourse,& pragmatics) DAT 108 Assessment, monitoring and evaluation
DAT 104 Language awareness: Researching and reflecting on classroom language DAT 109 Developing Professional Practice II

Supervised practicum with teacher portfolio: a record of 10 lessons with materials used and follow-up teacher reflections

(3 lessons will be observed for assessment)


DAT 105


Developing Professional Practice I

Micro-teaching, lesson observation

DAT 110


Action-research project

Teachers may be allowed extra time (one semester) to complete their research projects, if required.

Total=5 Courses Total= 5 Courses
Course Load

Full-time students will need to study 5 courses in each semester (15 credit hours); Part-time students will need to study 2-3 courses per semester.



A diploma may be awarded on completion of all course requirements (30 credit hours) according to defined standards as per university rules. This includes successful completion of course work, supervised teaching practice and an action-research project.

A waiver can be considered for a maximum of 2 courses per semester and only at the Diploma level. (For waiver, the applicants will need to pass a 3-hour waiver exam with a minimum of 60% marks in each course for which waiver has been applied for.)


Fee Structure

Admission Fee 5,000
Security Deposit 5,000
Student Fund 5,000
Tuition Fee 15,000

Financial Assistance

  • Payment in monthly installments for Diploma is allowed on case-to-case basis.